Ragunan Zoo – A Top Attraction in Jakarta

52Jakarta is a thriving city that remains the heart and essence of the beautiful archipelago called Indonesia. A traveller looking to explore the culture of the country can easily visit the numerous temples, art galleries and museums.

Those looking to enjoy a night out in the town will be delighted with the fine array of night time entertainment. The ardent shopper will be pleased with the variety of international labels to be found and the street markets that sell items at a fraction of the usual cost.

Popular attractions in Jakarta include Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (theme park), National Museum, Fatahilla Square (cultural attraction), Sea World, Batik Keris, MONAS (national monument), Fish Market, Museum Wayang (puppet museum) and Ragunan Zoo.

Ragunan Zoo can be found beyond the south borders of the city, and is a 10 acre property that is divided in to natural habitats for the flora and fauna that live in the zoo. A combination of endangered species and rare and wonderful animals can be seen at this famous tourist attraction in Jakarta.

Famous residents include the endangered Komodo dragon and Sumatran tiger. Other animals that can be seen are orang-utans, chimpanzees, gibbons and gorillas that belong to the primate species. Special enclosures are available for the crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Special shows with elephants and acrobats can also be enjoyed on a visit to the Ragunan Zoo. Another highlight of the zoo includes the canopy bridge that takes visitors across the entire zoo, to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the place.

Bird species that are indigenous and difficult to spot can be seen at Ragunan Zoo, such as the bird of paradise. A wonderful array of tropical trees, fauna and flora can also be found in the precincts of the zoo, making the zoo a wonderful place to have a picnic as well.

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Gujarat Travel

51Welcome to Gujarat, the land of rich cultural heritage and the abode of lions. It is a mesmerizing tourist destination of India where tourists come from far and wide. From monuments to colorful celebrations, wildlife and temples, this state has a lot to enchant you with.

It is a diverse land and its diversity reflects beautifully in its attractions. It is also the land where many great souls took birth. The martyrs of this state bravely fought the struggle for India’s Independence and sacrificed their lives for their country.

Three major attractions of Gujarat are:


It is the commercial city of Gujarat which is ideally located on the banks of river Sabarmati. Synonymous with Mahatama Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, this city is famous for mosques, temples, monuments and rich cultural heritage. The ashram was established by Gandhiji in 1915. There are several ‘pols’ or traditional colonies dating back to the 18th century. There are several attractions of Ahmedabad such as Bhadra fort, Teen Darwaza, the tombs of Ahmed Shah and his queens, Rani Rupmati’s Mosque, Hathee Singh Jain Temple, Victoria Garden, Dada-hari-di-Vav (an architectural step well), NC Metha Museum of Miniatures, Kankaria lake and Calico Textile Museum.


It is a beautiful destination boasting of palaces, museums and parks. Do visit the Sayaji Bagh, an arresting park housing Baroda Museum, Art Gallery, a planetarium and a small zoo. The museum exhibits a rare collection of artifacts, ancient manuscripts, Indian sculptures and Egyptian antiquities. And the art gallery displays some wonderful works of European masters and Mughal miniatures. The Laxmi Vilas Palace, Naulakhi Well and Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum are the other must-see attractions of this city.

Sasan Gir National Park

It is one of the most famous wildlife destinations of India which is famous for Asiatic lions. It is the only region in the world, except for Africa, where the lions live in their natural habitat. Visit this park and treat your eyes with the majestic views of lions. Other wildlife species such as chinkara, wild ass, leopard, spotted deer, chital, four-horned antelope, monkeys, peacock and parrots are also found here. Maintained by the Forest Department of Gujarat, this National Park is also rich in avian species.

Dallas Zoo – A Bountiful Haven of Nature

50Presenting the perfect destination to visit with the family, the Dallas Zoo is filled with a rich offering of wild life spanning from all over the globe.

With a reputation for being an outstanding zoo, visitors will not be disappointed with the time they invest with a visit. The Zoo is spread out over 95 acres and is divided in to 4 sections which are Zoo North, Wilds of Africa, Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo and Entry Plaza.

Right from the start visitors will be met with a notable point of interest in the form of the giant giraffe sculpture that stands at the entrance of the zoo. Measuring over 67 ½ feet and the statue is quite an imposing site.

As the single largest zoological zoo in the whole of Texas, the Dallas Zoo is filled with a far reaching variety of animal life. Popular exhibits include tigers, eagles, turtles, giraffes, and even elephants. But these are just the land animals. The zoo has a host has birdlife as well spread out across its aviary, the Wings of Wonder. Winged wonders residing at the zoo include Vultures and several birds of prey.

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is popular amongst the children. It’s not hard to see why considering that it has an interactive plays cape that features where kids can crawl over a spider’s web, hide in a giant birds nest and slide down a tree trunk and more. When visiting during the heat of summer, kids can also cool themselves off in the running creek.

For those wanting to get a little closer to the animals at the zoo, a visit to the petting zoo is an absolute must as is the Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing which is home to over 20 species of birds that can be fed. The Wilds of Africa section is where visitors will find, mandril, penguins, meerkat, okapi, zebras and many others housed in settings that recreates their natural habitats. Elephants, giraffe, kangaroos,

A host of Dallas hotels can be found in the immediate area presenting visitors with an ideal short term accommodation option. Hotels in Dallas are numerous can cater to varying degrees of comfort ensuring travelers will find an accommodation option to their liking.

It is a Pleasure Travelling With Family

53When you go out with your family, it creates great refreshment in your relationship with the family members. It is a wonderful joy when compared to any other trip you ever gone. A picnic is essential that makes the family to get united. It is a wonderful chance to have a nice time with your family members by climbing mountains, camping, hiking, walking in the zoo, enjoy playing on the beach. It helps you to pause your daily routine and tasks and taking you to a wonderful planet where you do not have to stressed out or busy. You can enjoy how much ever you want. If you have your family at that time, you will feel happier.

Family tours create an evergreen memory. When you turned back to those pages in your album, you will travel to that occasion and feel a real enjoyment. Children are the initiator of this trip and they will be the happiest person in the family. They really love to spend time with their parents. It is not just preparing food, staying together and sightseeing. It is more about communication, sharing love and belonging. It also allows you to know your fellow blood relatives identification. Their knowledge, their thought process and you can advice the youngster in your family regarding their life and career. You will be able to discuss with them as you are out of all the tension when you travel. It will build the relationship and make a way to have trust in their bonds. Moreover, you can enjoy when you choose outdoor activities such as traveling.

The beauty of the nature warms up your mind which makes you to stay in the surroundings of fresh air. This also creates a wonderful excitement and your mind gets relaxed. In order to make your trip lively, ask your family members to list out the entertainments they like to do and the games they like to play and any other activities that they have in their mind. Further, you can sit and create a wonderful list of amusements while you traveling. Keep that list secret so that you can pass the same excitement you get. The entertainment activity list should be created with respect to the ages, desires, requirements and wishes. It is important for you to make sure that all the members of your family are really enjoying with personal satisfaction.

To have a wonderful family trip, you should start planning even far before your travel date. Plot everything perfectly and arrange for all the requirements in place so that you will not miss out anything. Also you can do a research regarding the tourist destination and travel planning tips on the internet. Internet has become a wonderful area that provides any kind of information. You can find lot of tour packages which is suitable for family trip. You can choose the best. Also you can get sample travel planning documents. It would help you by giving tips to start and prepare a nice trip plan.

God built our life with emotions, positive moments and feelings that are nice to share and remember with our fellow beings. So it is up to you to utilize the opportunities that God has blessed with. Design a splendid and safe vacation schedule and spend your vacation with your family members. If you missed it now, it is missed forever. Have a fabulous tour!

5 Famous Animals At London Zoo

491. Jumbo the Elephant

The original Jumbo was an African bull elephant who arrived at the Zoo in 1865. He rapidly became enormously popular and, for nearly twenty years, gave thousands of rides to delighted children. He was seen as a national institution and there was outrage when the Zoo proposed to sell Jumbo to the American showman Phineas T Barnum. The wily Barnum, scenting publicity, encouraged the controversy and Jumbomania swept Britain.

Letters were written to The Times and other newspapers. Lawsuits were threatened. Even the Queen appealed to the Zoo not to go ahead with the sale. Jumbo made his own contribution to the unfolding saga by refusing to enter the box in which he was supposed to make his transatlantic passage. Barnum, however, was adamant that the sale should go ahead. Jumbo, who was to be accompanied by his favourite keeper, was eventually tempted into his travelling cage and was shipped to the United States to become as big a star in New York as he had been in London. Tragedy, however, was waiting in the wings. Three years after making the journey across the Atlantic, Jumbo was killed in a train accident when travelling with the Barnum show. Barnum, never one to lose an opportunity for profit, had Jumbo stuffed and continued to display him around the country for several more years.

2. Guy the Gorilla

Guy the Gorilla, so called because he arrived in the Zoo on Guy Fawkes Day 1947, remained one of the most popular attractions for more than thirty years. He grew from a tiny baby to a giant adult male in captivity but his fearsome appearance disguised a sweet temperament. When he died of a heart attack in 1978, following an operation to remove a tooth, he was mourned by many who had seen him over the years. The Zoo commissioned the sculptor William Timym to create a more-than-lifesize statue of Guy which still stands near the main entrance.

3. Goldie the Golden Eagle

The Zoo’s great escape occurred in 1965 when a golden eagle known as Goldie exited his cage as keepers were cleaning it and headed for the trees in Regent’s Park. For nearly twelve days he eluded all would-be captors and became a national celebrity. He appeared on the front pages of all the newspapers and traffic jams were caused by the thousands of cars carrying people to the Park to watch him enjoying his freedom. He was even mentioned in a debate in House of Commons, where his name was greeted with cheers and shouts of approval. Goldie was eventually recaptured when he was lured by the prospect of his favourite food. Deputy Head Keeper Joe McCorry tied a dead rabbit to a rope near one of the eagle’s regular haunts and, when Goldie swooped down to tuck in, McCorry seized him.

4. Obaysch the Hippopotamus

The first live hippopotamus to be seen in Europe since the time of the Roman Empire, Obaysch arrived at the Zoo as a one-year-old in 1850. He had been brought there by Sir Charles Murray, British Consul-General in Egypt and soon became the Zoo’s greatest attraction. Visitors to the Zoo more than doubled in the first year after Obaysch’s arrival. Victorian London went hippo mad. Cartoons appeared in Punch, silver models of Obaysch were sold in the shops and a ‘Hippopotamus Polka’ was one of the music hits of the season. Murray would occasionally visit his protege in the Zoo, calling to him in Arabic, and Obaysch would lumber towards the sound of his former master’s voice, grunting in recognition.

5. Belinda the Mexican Red-kneed Bird-eating Spider

Belinda, who died at the age of twenty-two in 1993, was one of the more surprising stars of London Zoo, appearing on TV programmes from Blue Peter to the national news and taking a lead role in one of the Zoo’s advertising campaigns. She was also used by hypnotherapists to help people overcome their arachnophobia.