Dallas Zoo – A Bountiful Haven of Nature

50Presenting the perfect destination to visit with the family, the Dallas Zoo is filled with a rich offering of wild life spanning from all over the globe.

With a reputation for being an outstanding zoo, visitors will not be disappointed with the time they invest with a visit. The Zoo is spread out over 95 acres and is divided in to 4 sections which are Zoo North, Wilds of Africa, Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo and Entry Plaza.

Right from the start visitors will be met with a notable point of interest in the form of the giant giraffe sculpture that stands at the entrance of the zoo. Measuring over 67 ½ feet and the statue is quite an imposing site.

As the single largest zoological zoo in the whole of Texas, the Dallas Zoo is filled with a far reaching variety of animal life. Popular exhibits include tigers, eagles, turtles, giraffes, and even elephants. But these are just the land animals. The zoo has a host has birdlife as well spread out across its aviary, the Wings of Wonder. Winged wonders residing at the zoo include Vultures and several birds of prey.

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is popular amongst the children. It’s not hard to see why considering that it has an interactive plays cape that features where kids can crawl over a spider’s web, hide in a giant birds nest and slide down a tree trunk and more. When visiting during the heat of summer, kids can also cool themselves off in the running creek.

For those wanting to get a little closer to the animals at the zoo, a visit to the petting zoo is an absolute must as is the Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing which is home to over 20 species of birds that can be fed. The Wilds of Africa section is where visitors will find, mandril, penguins, meerkat, okapi, zebras and many others housed in settings that recreates their natural habitats. Elephants, giraffe, kangaroos,

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