Best Time to Visit the Zoo

42Most people flood the zoo when the sun is out, the weather is hot and it is a perfect day for humans to go out.

But that is not the best time for animals to go out. When the weather is extremely hot the animals do not like going out. They get lazy, lay around, will go inside if they can and you will not see them.

You see when the sun is bearing down it is a great time for the animals to lay down and rest, so that is what you see when you visit the zoo and it is really hot.

When the animals get the most active is when it is a cool and overcast day and often times when it is a little bit rainy. My wife and I decided one day to take out kids to the zoo even though it was a little rainy outside. I will tell you what, that was the best time we have ever been to the zoo.

It seemed like all the animals were coming out just for us. They were all very active and extremely fun to watch. We got to see 3 one year old snow leopards fighting and playing with each other for about 20 minutes. Mom leopard was just sitting there watching her three little cubs play like little children.

The grizzly bears were out running around, playing in the water, eating apples, and having a great time. The lion came right up to the glass and even growled. What a deep intimidating sound that was to hear, but it was an incredible experience.

I have seen lions in the wild of Africa before but I have never had the chance to hear one talk. Even the smaller animals like the otters were wildly playing. The giraffes were out and so were the elephants. The cool air brought all the animals out into the open and we got to see almost every animal in the zoo that day.

You know when you head to the zoo and all the animals are being lame and most of them are inside. That is no fun. It was much better to have a little rain and see all the animals than to go to the zoo and see no animals at all.

And the other great thing about it is that there were not that many other people there either. You see the rain brings out the animals but scares away the humans. So we just went to any and every exhibit we wanted to and we were pretty much by ourselves.

In fact we had lunch in the bear cave and watched the bears while we ate. We were completely alone in there for more than 30 minutes. Our daughters were playing like crazy and having a wonderful time.

So if you think about going to the zoo but the weather is just not that nice, you should go. It could be the best zoo trip you have ever had. A little rain cannot keep you away.

Bristol is the Home of the World’s Oldest Provincial Zoo

44The history of Bristol Zoo is unique. Most of the older and larger zoos are built in national capitals, rather than in locations like Bristol. This is due to the nature of the creation of large zoos. Often they are formed by city government investment; the funding to build and maintain a large and exciting zoo is easily sustained in capital cities. However, Bristol Zoo was created in the spirit of free enterprise. In 1835, local citizens pooled together investment capital to break ground on this thrilling attraction. The Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society was instrumental in organizing this feat.

Throughout the history of Bristol Zoo Gardens, it has remained committed to providing a fun diversion for tourists and locals alike. Since it has maintained a diverse blend of species, it is considered a top zoo despite its limited real estate. The huge number of species on display, including many which are under-represented at other English zoos, has made this a favorite attraction of tourists the world over.

The team behind Bristol Zoo Gardens has chosen to add new value to the grounds as time passes. This increased value keeps the attendance rising. The interactive Explorer’s Creek and ZooRopia exhibits are innovative new developments that inspire a serious grass-roots following.

Many families choose to visit Bristol on holiday. This has been excellent for Bristol hotels. Vibrant tourism has encouraged a climate where many places of lodging and accommodation compete for this attention. This has made the available bargains on Bristol hotels very favorable to the thrifty traveler.

A high quality provincial zoo is perfect for the animal fan who wants a great experience that won’t bankrupt the family budget. The long and productive history of Bristol Zoo Gardens proves it to be the best choice among provincial zoos. If you are looking to go on holiday, book an early reservation at a Bristol hotel near Bristol Zoo Gardens. The experience will compare to those in capital cities, but at a lower cost. Early shopping will allow you to secure a Bristol hotel with great accommodations at a great rate. Bristol Zoo comes highly recommended for your next holiday. The world’s oldest provincial zoo makes for a savvy way to explore the thrilling animal kingdom.

New York Travel Tips For The Elderly Tourists

41With its numerous historical attractions, buildings, museums and vibrant culture New York attracts millions of tourists from various corners of the world. However, it is not necessarily youngsters and families who can enjoy a vacation in the thriving city. It has plenty of options to make the tour enjoyable as well as affordable for elderly visitors. Senior citizens visiting the city, alone or with family members, can enjoy the tour if they plan carefully. The nice public transportation system and affordable accommodation will come as pleasant surprise for them.

Transportation in NYC for elderly people
Fortunately, elderly people visiting various parts of New York do not have to face transportation problems much. If you are above 65 years, it is possible to avail reduced bus and subway fares in the city. A majority of city buses have wheelchair lifts with option to lower front entrance for easier access. Seniors may also sit behind driver.

Planning for seeing NYC attractions is important for senior visitors
The tourist attractions in and around New York are aplenty but senior visitors need to plan carefully. Attractions that need lots of walking or climbing stairs can make them feel fatigued soon. Keep in mind that places like Central Park and Times Square can be best explored by walking.

Senior visitors who do not like to walk yet want to cover the most iconic landmarks and places in the city, have two options. A bus ride will cover many spots or a boat tour around the Manhattan region should suffice for them. The Manhattan island cruise takes over 2 hours and covers Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island and Ellis Island. Availing the Bus network is economical, as it is. It is better to check bus routes online beforehand. Gray Line bus tours are quite popular and routes cover Statue of Liberty and other top sightseeing options in the city.

Affordable tourist attractions for seniors in NYC
A number of New York tourist attractions are affordable for senior visitors. It would be a good idea to visit the museums during daytime as seniors get free entry. Some attractions have special hours like Museum of Modern Art and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Bronx Zoo has an option to pay what you can afford for admission.

Elderly people planning to explore the city for a week should opt for New York City Pass. It helps save both money and time. It includes heavy discounts for attractions like the Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pass also entitles the buyers to opt for a Hayden Planetarium show and Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. Senior visitors with grandchildren can obtain better discounts for the companion.

Getting close to nature
For some elderly visitors, the grandiose edifices and buildings of NYC may seem less desirable than the natural attractions like parks and zoo. They should head to various parks in the city. The historic Richmond town, central park zoo and Queens Country Farm Museum are ideal for such visitors.

Travel Guide To Dubai

40It is not a very economically prosperous country. The primary source of its economy is tourism, aviation and oil industries. To plan your trip wisely, without wasting any time and extra money, you need a travel guide. When you are planning a trip, choose from the following places of visit.

Ibn Battuta Mall – It is one of the largest and prettiest shopping malls.

Marina – It is an artificial marina, with the tallest buildings, or skyscrapers, for residential as well as business purposes. You can have your lunch in any of the restaurants there.

The Palm Jumeirah – It is a man-made archipelago, making it look like a palm tree. If you belong to the profession of architecture or engineering, it is a must for you.

BurjKhalifa – The design of this structure resembles exactly the Great Mosque at Iraq.

Museum – Also called as Al Fahidi Fort, this place is the pride of the country. You can visit that between 8:30 am-8:30 pm on Sat-Thu and 2:30- 8:30 pm on Fri. You can see the historical structures like weapons, handcrafted materials inside the tombs.

Jumeirah Mosque – It is very much significant as a religious place. You will get insights on Arabic culture once you go there.

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – The underwater park will let you spend a few moments with the sharks, dolphins and many other species of fish. Your travel agent can guide you to opt for scuba diving or a boat ride on a glass bottom. Your kids will surely go mad with this.

Ski resort – There is an indoor ski resort for a chilling and thrilling experience.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – This conservation center is the site of pink flamingos during their migratory season. It is one of the loveliest places for the nature lovers. Go there except on Friday, as it remains closed.

Hatta Rock Pools – This place is a weekend destination for most of the residents. You will love the waterfalls between the mountain slopes. A few gardens, mountains, and sea beaches

Desert Safari – This is available in three-time shifts, morning, afternoon and overnight. It is better to choose among the first two if you are on a family trip.

Go for the overnight safari, if you love adventure. Take a camel ride or among the undulating sand dunes, whichever is preferable to you.

When there, have a travel agent so you can book your tour online. Give them every detail of what you want, and they will advise you on your planning. The packages may or may not include travel fares. Book your air tickets before your traveling. The winter season is the favorite of many people for leaving their home and going to other destinations.

Top Melbourne Travel Destinations

39If you are looking for exciting things to do and see when you travel to Melbourne, Australia, this article will guide you as to some of the best attractions to include into your itinerary.

· Great Barrier Reef: This is one of the natural wonders of the world, and spans over 2,400 kilometres. It is so large that it can be seen from outer space. Book a boat cruise or guided tour to see this amazing sight; if you are more adventurous, grab your scuba or snorkelling gear to get a close-up look at all the coral gardens and marine life.

· Carlton Gardens: This historic landmark has something for everyone; Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition, and IMAX Theatre and an award-winning children’s playground.

· Melbourne Zoo: Come and see your favourite animals up close and personal. You can even choose to adopt one for as little at $10.00 a month; this will ensure that your ‘pet’ will get the exact care they need, while supporting the zoo at the same time.

· Melbourne Museum: There are eight galleries contained here, including one just for kids. Come see a blue whale skeleton, a living rainforest, a Cultural Arts Centre and an IMAX theatre.

· Melbourne Aquarium: Hammerhead sharks, seahorses, octopi and stingrays are just a few of the marine life that make their home here; watch them in their natural habitat, and check out the cool sights and rides.

· Eureka Skydeck 88: View the city of Melbourne from the highest point in the southern hemisphere. Go at night for an even more amazing view.

· Hot Air Balloon Ride: A great way to see the sights is to go up in a hot air balloon. They are very safe and operated by professionals.

· Koala, Wombat and Wallabies Wildlife Journey: If you are adventurous and love the outdoors, book a guided tour through the wilderness of south-eastern Australia. You will travel by boat, vehicle and on foot in search of various wildlife while you take in the beauty of the luscious rainforests, secluded rivers and ocean beaches. Don’t forget your camera; you’ll want to take pictures of almost everything on your trek.

Ask your travel agent if you can build any of the above into part of your package. You can also look online for great deals and discounts. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable company and the tickets you purchase online are the real thing.